Web Design

template and custom design

We have some fantastic web starter packages which means you can have your site online, designed and built with your unique logo, images and colour scheme from less than £15 a month. With a unique domain name, and a listing on search sites such as Google you can start directing potential customers to your site immediately.

Whether you choose to have a one page flyer site or a multi page brochure site, your place on the internet will be a valuable source of sales for you and your business.

Custom web designs are one off unique sites where you choose the layout, navigation, theme and every other aspect of the web site from your own requirements. Please get in touch and submit your design specifications or we can arrange a visit to provide a web design quote.

web design example on a monitor screen

 Included in every web site package

  • globe
  • Hosting & Domain Names
  • Your chosen domain name will be officially registered and you can then choose a one or two year hosting plan. We can even manage the site for you with regular updates for an ongoing monthly or yearly service fee.

  • magnifying glass
  • Basic SEO
  • With Search Engine Optimisation we select a valuable set of keywords, so that popular search sites like Google, and Bing can rank your web site higher when a user enters a related search request.

  • bing, yahoo & google logos
  • Search Engine Submission
  • When your site is uploaded to the internet and goes “live”, the web site domain will be submitted to the most popular search engine sites: Google, Bing and Yahoo, which also ranks the site higher in related searches.

  • twitter & facebook logos
  • Social Networking
  • If you have any social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, we can include a link with official icons, so that users can navigate directly to your page and either add, or follow you.

  • google analytics graph
  • Google Analytics
  • Your site will be monitored by Google Analytics, which is a service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.

    You can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, and pay-per-click networks.